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What is EXPLURGER APP and how to use it. EXPLURGER APP

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EXPLURGER APP: Hellow Friends my name Ankit Shah, Today we are discuss about Expluger App.

 If you don’t know Explurger then you are not social, I am not, says Actor Sonu Sood. What is Explurger App and how to use it, how to earn rewards from Explurger. Read the full post to know about it-

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In this digital age, if we talk about social media platforms, there are many, but according to me, this will be the first social site in which you get rewards from the beginning, users can share their moments of travel and lifestyle with online friends and family. Lets you connect and share.

What is Explurger App and how to use – Explurger App

“Explurger is a social media app built on Artificial Intelligence. It offers users more than just check-in.” Creating memorable moments as personalized travel rewards people to connect more, Explurger’s motto is not here, not done! Quite interesting.

New social media app Explurger aims to reward people who are active on social media and get nothing but entertainment value from them. That’s why this social media platform is special.

What is the benefit to the user from Explurger App

The time spent on the Explurger app will also entitle users to discounts and other gifts. In such a situation, instead of just talking, you will also get material benefits from Sonu Sood’s Explurger app.

As far as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are concerned for the users, the Explurger app will provide advantages that these foreign social media apps cannot.

What makes Explurger different from other apps? There are many such features, but one of the main features of the app that makes it different from other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is that all verified users will have a blue tick.

Features of Explurger App

The new Explurger app lets users share photos and videos of their travels and turn them into a digital travel vlog. It actually keeps accurate information about the cities, countries and continents traveled by the users. Apart from this, the app adds the location to your ‘Bucket List’ to show you travel information and share future travel plans.

There are many features inside the Explurger App, the main ones are as follows

bucket list

This feature of Explurger app is very useful because whenever we go to visit some place and have a drink or go to a pub, then we will add the post of friend of other Explurger App, so that we will get the location of all those places. You will know about it and this app also tells the exact direction.

(What is Explurger App and how to use – Explurger App)

Complete Travelogue

If you people stay somewhere or check in, then it is for some time, but in Explurger app, it is saved for life time, so that if you ever go again, it will tell you all those places with directions.


This is a special feature of Explurger app, with the help of this you can share whatever people have shared in Explurger app in your other social media accounts as well.

Future Travel Plans

Through this feature of the Explurger app, if you are planning to go somewhere in the future, then you can share the people using the spread feature, so that people will give you some suggestions and tips to go there.

Explurger Levels

By using this you can make your first trip much easier every mile you travel, every city you visit, which will make you appreciate and you will enjoy traveling more

(What is Explurger App and how to use – Explurger App)


Just as there is a Like button in other social media apps, in the same way, in the Explurger app, you have been given the feature of Kudos, but in this you can give up to 3 Kudos at once, as per your wish.

Explurger App Launch Date

Explurger App was launched on 74th Independence Day15th August 2020 during the Pandemic. It is a new age new social media app which is made for both Android and iOS. Explurger App downloads are more than 10 lakhs.

Its users are from 40 different countries, using this you people share their travel journey.

How to download Explurger App

To download Explurger App, you have to search in Google Play Store or Apple App Store “Explurger App Download” after this Explurger App will come at the top, then you will have to download and install it by clicking on it, downloading it is very easy.

How to login Explurger App

After downloading the Explurger App, as you open the app, you can login by entering your phone number and password and use the Explurger App.

There are many celebrities in Explurger App, there are big celebrities who post regularly there, but you can also follow them, many of its features are similar to other social media,

but its travel features are different from all others. make special with social media app

I myself have been using this app for a long time, my experience with this app has been very good, I hope that you will also like this Indian app very much.

Talking in an interview, Son Sood explained the reason for his connection with this new social media app. He said that “We have been working on this app for the last 2.5 years.

When Jitin told me about this app, I wanted to create something that would give something back to the online community as well.

People spend a lot of time on social media but they don’t get anything out of it, with this Made-in-India app I want to give something back to people.” (What is Explurger App and how to use – Explurger)

FAQs – Explurger App

Q. What is Explurger App?

Ans: Explurger is a Made in India social media app.

Q. Who is the founder of Explurger App?

Ans: The founder of Explurger App is Jitin Bhatia.

Q. Explurger App Launch Date

Ans: Explurger App was launched on 74th Independence Day 15 August 2020 during the pandemic, it is a new age new social media app

Q. Explurger Meaning 

Ans: Explurger means explorer.

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