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Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date: Khan sir UPSC starts UPSC classes, know what is the launch date

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Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date, Hello friends, through today’s article, I am going to introduce you to such a great teacher, from where you can make your bright future by taking his online class and studying sitting at your home by participating in competitive exams.

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Yes, I am talking about Khan Sir Patna Wale Sir, how can you buy Khan Sir’s batch from the official application, and improve your studies. How to buy Khan sir’s batch from official application. How to buy online classes by khan sir patna

Who is Khan Sir?

Those people who do not know Khan sir, first tell something about Khan sir, after that I will tell you all about how to buy batch from his official application. Friends,

Khan sir runs his own coaching institute in Patna whose name is:- Khan Gs Research Center There are many people among you who are familiar with him. Khan Sir teaches such a student who wants to get a government job.

Like: – UPSC, BPSC, CDPO, SSC, BANK, RAILWAY etc. It mainly teaches these subjects:- History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Map Atlas, Biology, Physics, Chemistry. And Khan sir also has his own official Youtube channel, about which we will discuss further.

Khan Sir teaches any subject by explaining it to the children in such a simple way that that child remembers everything that Khan Sir has taught in the class, he does not even need to come home and study. Now you must have come to know about him in a good way that who is Khan Sir.

Before buying the batch, you have to download the official application, whose process is something like this. How to buy Khan sir’s batch from the official application.

How to buy online classes by khan sir patna

  • Open google play store on your mobile
  • Search KHAN SIR OFFICIAL application
  • Just install now KHAN SIR OFFICIAL application
  • Open KHAN SIR OFFICIAL application
  • Register Now
  • Just see all courses by khan sir
  • Go to the batch you want to buy

Friends, you will also find a lot of fake applications on google play store by the name of KHAN SIR OFFICIAL, which you have to ignore because many fake things are also available in the name of those who are famous.

Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date

There are more than 01 million users on KHAN SIR OFFICIAL application, I will give you the link of KHAN SIR OFFICIAL app below from where you can download their official application.

How to buy Khan sir’s batch from official application. How to buy online classes by khan sir patna

Friends, let us know about how to buy Khan Sir’s batch from the official application, before this a question must be arising in your mind that we will understand the way of teaching Khan Sir or not,

for this Khan Sir’s In the application itself, you will get a section of demo classes from where you can know the way of teaching by doing demo classes and whether you understand what they taught or not. Or you can go to Khan sir’s official youtube channel and watch the video.

To buy a batch, you have to follow some of the following steps. Above I told you how to install Khan sir’s official application. Now you have installed KHAN SIR OFFICIAL application.

#STEP-1. Open Khan Sir’s application, now you will see different categories of many subjects here, now click on the subject in which class you want to take admission.

#STEP-2. As you want to take admission in history subject, click on it, after clicking you will get the complete schedule of the class.

You will be able to see things like what is the timing of the class, when will the class be live, how much will the class fee have to be paid, how long will the class last etc.

#STEP-3. You have to make online payment before class, you cannot make offline payment. Whatever you want to buy Foundation theme, its fee is only 200 rupees. Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date

200 rupees may seem very less to you, then the main reason is that Khan Sir wants to help the poor children, Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date for which this much fee has been kept, because there are many students from poor families who want to study and live far away. Can’t study

#STEP-4. To make online payment, you have to click on Buy Now, now here you have to select the payment method as to how you want to pay. To make online payment, Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date

you will find many payment methods here. Debit Crad, Credit Crad, Net Banking, UPI etc. will make your payment by selecting any one of these.

#STEP-5. Now you have made the payment, now you will have received a mail when you have registered in KHAN SIR OFFICIAL app,

at that time you will have received the mail on the same email-id that you have entered the mail of Payment Successful. Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date After that you will go to your topic, now you can see the topic which you have bought.

After purchasing the batch, now you will get live class daily, whose time you have got, at that time you have to join live, where you have any doubt, you can ask Khan sir related to that subject. Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date And you will also get the notes of whatever study will be done in the form of PDF.

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Some people have a doubt that we have bought the batch, so what is its validity, friends, whatever subject you have bought, Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date when that subject is completely taught, after one month that video of that class will be removed from your account.

If you are not able to join the live class, then you keep getting the recorded video which you can watch later also. Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date So in this way you can buy batch from Khan Sir’s official application.

Friends, how can I buy Khan Sir’s batch, Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date I have also made a video on this on my Youtube channel, if you want, you can watch it, whose link I have given below.

What is the name of Khan sir’s official youtube channel?

Friends, you will find many such fake youtube channels in the name of Khan Sir, which have no emphasis, Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date the name of their official youtube channel is Khan Gs Research Center which is the name of Khan Sir’s coaching.

You must have seen Khan Sir’s video many times on Youtube Trending page, Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date recently Khan Sir had put a video on youtube which was on Bermunda Triangle, that video was also on youtube trending page.

There are more than 08 million active subscribers on Khan Sir’s official youtube channel. Khan sir UPSC Batch launch date I have given you the link of the official youtube channel of Niche Khan Sir, by clicking on which you can go to his official channel.

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