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DEAD BODY RELATED TO CHAKRA IN A BODY,Yes friends, in today’s post we are going to talk about the same seven chakras, once awakened, the journey of your life and life after life becomes easier.

Today’s post is very interesting because in today’s post we are going to tell you what is the role of these chakras after death? Yoga and spirituality have their own importance in everyone’s life, and with this yoga, we can make our paths after death more easy. visit on our second :

By awakening these seven chakras through yoga and fous, we can see the future while living in the present Without wasting much time, we come to our issue, so friends, we can easily see our body parts from outside. But in the same way, there are 7 chakras in our body, which can be seen by us only after going into meditation, Going from bottom to top, we come to know the names of these chakras



also known ad root chakra, This chakra is found in the lowest part of our body ,under our back bone This chakra is connected with the earth, so the nature of this chakra is the root, the person who remains trapped in worldly disturbances. At the time of death Dead body’s life comes out of your anus, due to which the urine of the deceased is released On seeing that you can recognize that the physical consciousness of the dead body is trapped only in material things. This chakra is red in appearance


also called as Sacral chakra. This chakra is found a few inches below your navel.
It is believed that this chakra is related to your sex desire, the person whose consciousness is engaged only in enjoyment, at the time of death, the life of that dead body also comes out from the stool or bladder. Therefore, controlling one’s desire for sex, one should meditate on this part of the body blindly every day, due to which the Swadhisattam Chakra is awakened. The chakra  is orange in appearance


This third chakra of the body, which is also called solar plexus chakra, is visible just behind our spine, just above the navel. If the dead body spends its life during its physical consciousness only by material things that eat or drink then it should be assumed that only this chakra of his body is activated. In such a situation, the person should concentrate on the upper part of the bones of his spine or not, so that his Manipra Chakra awakens. Even in this situation, the life of the dead body comes out through the anus, or the bladder. The chakra is yellow  in appearance .


The fourth chakra of the body,   also called Heart Chakra, situated in the very middle of our body, right on our heart It is also called the circle of kindness and love. Dead body if in its physical consciousness when it is trapped only in the bonds of love, during that time this cycle of dead body is awakened. This chakra works to balance our emotions. This chakra is Green in appearance.


This five chakra of the body which is also called throat chakra, it is located in the third position below the two uppermost vertices above us. If the soul of the dead body is trapped in his family or other blinds, then this only chakra of that dead body is activated. At the time of awakening of this chakra, the soul of the dead body emerges from its mouth, and at the time of death its mouth is open. After a lot of penance, or after a lot of yoga practice, only 45% out of 100 people are able to awaken this chakra, This chakra is blue in appearance.


 This chakra found at number 6 has its own glory. By the way, this chakra is also called eye chakra Because it is found between our two eye brows By meditating between the eyes, we can also feel this chakra directly. The rare people whose chakra is activated, they usually start itching at this place. And when the eyes are closed, a light beam is also visible at this place. Such people are found in the world only 10 percent out of 100Such a dead body whose life comes out of the eyes, it is believed that this AGYA  chakra is activated. This  chakra is  indigo in appearance


Yes friends, now in the end we are going to talk about the most important chakra of our body, which is called crown chakra Even the  sages who have a direct connection with God or a supernatural power, their chakra is awakened. As soon as this chakra is awakened, a person can directly see his future. The Buddhist monk who has really attained nirvana, it is as if the soul comes out of the dead bodies of the people by tearing the skull. Which is new to a common man, out of 100 there are only 1 percent of the people whose chakra is activated.

 This chakra is VIOLET in appearance.

So friend, as we move from the bottom to the top, in the same way the colour of these chakras gets thicker, which is an indicator of our firm determination, Together we are new but one by one we can awaken these chakras and feel the ultimate bliss.

The source was some information which is directly related to a dead body and its chakras. Hope so, you must have found this post of ours quite interesting, like our post to know more such facts and leave your suggestions in comment box. Information: All the facts given in the post are based on the collected information, our intention is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments at all.

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Ankit shah
Ankit shah
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