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The most common causes of hair loss and how to deal with them

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Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to talk about a topic which is a common problem for everyone in today’s time.

causes of hair fall :

Yes friends, in today’s era, from children to elders, everyone is definitely under stress of one thing or the other, whether it is for studies or for living a happy life. Daily 100 to 200 hair fall is a common thing, but if the hair count exceeds 200 then it becomes a common problem. We are talking about the most common problem of today, the sources of hair fall and how to get rid of it. visit our second website –

 Stress –

The most common problem of hair fall is stress in today’s world  whether it is a child or an old man. there used to be a time when hair used to fall from its age, which we call age experience. But, today the stress of more studies in children, this phase of competiton all the problems have an effect directly on our hair. Therefore, as much as possible, we have to make a routine of every work, so that later there is no stress of doing any work.

Wrong eating habbit –

There was a time when children used to eat food made from pure desi ghee at home, but today in the birth of this technology your favorite food is delivered to your doorstep in just 10 minutes Apart from not working, people like to make 2 minutes ready-to-eat food. In which a large amount of harmful chemicals are found, whose direct effect is visible on the hair. Due to which hair fall has become a common problem in children.

Apply more chemical things on hair –

 Yes friends, sometimes to get rid of the problem of our hair, we use any chemical products like shampoo, and other chemical products start doing it without consulting the doctor, whose direct effect we see on the hairs and for many months our hair just keeps breaking for no reason

Plucking hair incorrectly –

Many times, when we do more work during the day, then fall straight into the bed at night, in such a situation, we have no attention at all. That’s how we tie our hair, and ladies go to sleep without combing their hair, making a bun Due to which, while brushing hair in the morning, more than 100 hairs fall out.

Irregular daily routine –

Due to the high work stress in today’s time, it is a common problem for all of us to disturb our daily routine. From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we are tied for one work after another, but sometimes due to extra work, our daily routine gets disturbed ,resulting unusual hair fall.

Not getting proper sleep

In this age of social media, even children, old people spend all their time in these things, From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, the effect  of social media is on every child’s tongue. Even during the day, he loses his precious sleep just by doing social media to him in vain.

Side effect of medicines –

In today’s modern time, no one is new from the attack of medicines. Everyone from child to old is caught in the clutches of medicine. Some of them are diseases that take at least more than a year to cure. In such a situation, eating medicines regularly becomes a reason for its side effects, and some medicines are the reason for our hair falls. So friends, these were my reasons to hair breakage in today’s era Keeping all these problems in mind, we tell you some remedies, which will be very beneficial to prevent breakage of your hair to a great extent.

  • First step  Give attention to eating right and drinking.
  • Second step learn to finish work on time
  • Third step  Make a habit of getting proper sleep
  • Fourth step Limited use of technology.
  • Fifth step  Make sure to comb the hair before sleeping
  • Sixth step  Use any shampoo or chemical with the advice of a doctor
  • Seventh step   Avoid using more medicines than may be
  • Eighth step Include green vegetables in the diet
  • Ninth step   give proper massage to hair Vitamin E capsules can be used, while applying oil to the hair So friends, through this post we came to know  the causes of hair fall , and how to repair them.

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Ankit shah
Ankit shah
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