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How much did ‘Titanic’ related to real life?

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Everyone likes to travel, whether by bus, train or airplane, if we give you a chance to travel this world in a ship, so why not leave such a chance. And if it is a matter of riding on the Titanic for free, then I will not leave it at all. Yes friends so , today’s interesting  topic is  the “Titanic”. We are talking about the same Titanic ship, which you all like very much as a movie. Today we are going to tell about some such facts of Titanic, about which no one would have told or you must have read somewhere stuck today. Today we will give you answers to some such questions, which you would never have thought that there could be some such incident related to Titanic.

LIKE-IN WHICH SEA DID TITANIC SUBMERGED?  Was there any ship bigger than the Titanic?
Or did the scene depicted in the movie have anything to do with the true event?·

Why was the Titanic ship not taken out to sea? And who was left in the Titanic ship? This story begins from the beginning of the 20th century, when the Titanic was transported from England to New York. had to travel a few thousand KMs Built from 1909, this ship took about 3 years, the ship was divided into three classes, economy, middle and first class compartments Finally the date came when about two and a half thousand passengers boarded the Titanic Although its capacity was more than 3500, but probably only 1500 people were sure to die on that day. The credit for this ship goes to the White Line, a shipbuilding company of England. It was tested on April 2, 1912, and on April 10, the ship left for NEWYORK After an incomplete journey of just 4 days, this sage sank due to colliding with a big piece of ice which we call iceberg and caused more than 1500 deaths,14 April 1912, that fateful day, when 500 pairs of dead bodies were seen together floating above the sea at 2:40 pm. visit on our second website –

In which sea did the titanic sunk? Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 12,415 feet, or 3784 meters. The wreckage of the Titanic ship was found 70 years after its sinking Was there any ship bigger than the Titanic?
You must have heard about the Titanic ship. It used to be the world’s largest ship, but today ‘Symphony of the Seas’ is the world’s largest ship. According to a report, the cost of this ship is Rs 8711 crore. The information shows that, as much as it cost to make this 17-storey ship, more money was spent only in making this movie.

did the scene depicted in the movie have anything to do with the true event? It is believed that  the characters Jack and Rose, whose love had become so deep in the journey of just two days that everyone once met them. It is believed that the balance of the sailor was lost on seeing these lovers, and the ship collided directly with a piece of iceberg .If the ship had been seen 3 meters before the collision, then perhaps the victims of that accident would have been living a peaceful life in their home today. An economy class traveller, who was an artist by profession, his real name was not Jack Dawson but Joshep, and was not a traveller but an artisan of the ship.

When Titanic collided with iceberg, a huge hole in it caused the ship to sink in just 2.5 hours Although the ship should have had lifeboats to save more than 1000 people, but here only 700 people could be saved. As it is shown in the movie that when the ship sank, the musicians played music till the end, so that the people could be encouraged, that thing is absolutely true. There were also about 12 dogs on the ship, out of which only 3 dogs were saved, first of all women and children were put in life boats.

What was the role of some of the movie characters in real life? By 2 o’clock in the night, when all the bots were over, then only two people were left to sit on the last boat, in such a situation a father took his two children drowned himself in a boat. After arriving safely, the children were claimed to be orphans, a light lady named Marcel claimed to be the mother of both of them and also told that her child was kidnapped one more loving couple found Apart from Rose and Jack, he was another loving couple, who had just got married two months ago, and had come on the Titanic to celebrate their honeymoon –

Edward and Athel Ben When the ship sank, the two parted ways, and Ethel had to leave her husband and send a lifeboat. When Edward did not find a place, he jumped into the cold water, but luckily the lifeboat saved him, and they were reunited again. One more real hero Herald Bride, the junior wireless operator on the Titanic, was relieved of duty by the captain when the ship began to sink But he helped people in lifeboat till the end, and unfortunately Due to the strong current of water, he collided with the deck of the ship, But the ship named Carpathia saved him Even after being seriously injured, he sent private messages to the survivors Some other survivors Richard  Williams had also come with his father to enjoy the journey of Titanic, but due to the exhaustion of the sari lifoets, he jumped into the cold water.

The father died after colliding with the chimney, but while swimming Richard reached the COLLAPSIBAL boat-A and the boat saved his life. Charles Jakin had drunk a lot of alcohol that night, due to the cooling of the water of the Atlantic Sea to -2 degrees, no one can survive more than 7 minutes in it, But due to lack of space in the ship, he jumped into the cold water, and after swimming for two full hours, he died.

Crux of the whole movie The total height of Titanic ship is as bad as a 17-storey building. Story characters Rose and Jack were actually as romantic as they were depicted in the movie . That night the water of the Atlantic is less than -2 degrees, due to which only one’s life could have been lost in 7 minutes· The musician played music till the end to encourage the people till the ship sank. It took a total of two and a half hours to sink the Titanic ship So these were some unseen facts related to the Titanic ship, hope  you liked our  today post , to know more such interesting facts keep liking and page, for more suggestion write in comment box    

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